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Emu Plains Studio

Our Emu Plains Studio is located at: 2 Mackellar Street Emu Plains.  We are the building with the green roof opposite the station steps.  Drive into the station council carpark on your right.  There is plenty of parking in the council carpark.

Opening Hours

  • Mondaybooked classes only
  • Tuesday3.30pm til 6.30pm
  • Wednesday2.00pm til 6.30pm
  • Thursdaybooked classes only
  • Friday – CLOSED
  • Saturday3.30pm til 6.30pm
  • Sunday – CLOSED

At Sharz Art Design, we welcome you during our booked class times, creating a dedicated space for artistic exploration. Please note that our doors are open only during these specified hours when we have booked classes. If you happen to arrive and find the studio unattended, don’t worry! Simply give us a call, and we’ll ensure your artistic journey continues seamlessly. Your creativity is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.



At our studio, we prioritize personalized learning. With a maximum of 12 students at any given time, our classes are tailored to your individual needs. You have the flexibility to attend on a day and time that suits you, without being bound by fixed schedules. Our unique teaching style allows you to join at any point, ensuring you receive focused attention and guidance. While we recommend a weekly class for optimal progress, we’re adaptable. Whether you prefer a regular weekly slot or need a more flexible arrangement, such as fortnightly or ad hoc classes, we can accommodate your schedule based on availability.

At our Constitution Hill studio, we provide a comprehensive range of class options designed to cater to diverse artistic interests. For detailed information about our class offerings, please click the ‘Class Information’ button below. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, we have tailored programs to suit your needs. Explore the details to find the perfect class for your artistic journey.

Staff Roster

  • Monday –  TBA
  • Tuesday – Luna
  • Wednesday – Luna
  • Thursday – TBA
  • Saturday – Sharlene

Sharlene, divides her time between both our studios, usually following a convenient fortnightly schedule. Her commitment ensures a consistent presence and guidance across both locations, fostering a unified and enriching learning experience for our students

Artistic Investment: Class and Material Pricing

Class Costs

Drawing Material Pricing

Watercolour Material Pricing

Acrylic Painting Material Pricing

Flexible Pricing for Creative Explorations

1 Hour: $22
1.5 Hours: $27.50
2 Hours: $33

2 or more hours please contact us to discuss options

Drawing Pack: Your Creative Toolkit

For every drawing enthusiast, our drawing pack is an essential companion, ensuring you have everything you need for your artistic journey. Priced at just $10, this pack includes an A4 visual diary (paper) and a set of 6 drawing pencils, along with an eraser and sharpener. Designed for longevity, this pack lasts for 2 or more terms. You have the option to leave your materials at the studio or take them home each week.

Please note, students are encouraged to bring their drawing materials weekly. If you prefer to use our materials, a nominal fee of $1.10 per week will apply, ensuring you always have the tools you need to unleash your creativity.

Watercolour Essentials: Unleash Your Creativity

In our painting classes, watercolours bring art to life, and we've curated the perfect pack to kick-start your artistic adventures. For classes focusing on watercolour painting or as a choice in mixed media classes, we offer two convenient options:

Watercolour Paper Pack and Studio Tools: For a fee of $20 per term, enjoy access to our high-quality watercolour paper, brushes, and paint during your classes.

Personal Watercolour Kit: Invest in your creativity with a personal kit for $30, including a paint set, brushes, and a watercolour paper book that lasts 1 to 2 terms. Your kit ensures you have the essentials for six monts, with additional paper book available for $5 each term.

We recommend young artists aged 9 and under start with watercolours (unless they have previous experience with acrylics). Let your creativity flow with our thoughtfully curated watercolour packs, making every stroke a masterpiece.




Acrylic Painting: Your Masterpiece Awaits

In our acrylic painting classes, your creativity knows no bounds. We provide a seamless experience, inclusive of all necessary materials. The cost is per canvas, encompassing the required paint, the use of our high-quality implements (brushes, sponges, etc.), and the canvas to take home your completed work of art.

Pricing is determined by canvas size:

20 x 20 cm or 20 x 25 cm: $15 per canvas
25 x 30 cm: $20 per canvas
30 x 40 cm: $25 per canvas
40 x 50 cm: $30 per canvas
60 x 30 cm: $30 per canvas

For larger canvases, please consult with us for specific pricing.

We estimate most students complete around 4 canvases per term, although the actual number depends on canvas size, complexity, and individual pace. The canvas cost is added to your invoice each time a new project begins. If you prefer to use your own canvas, a charge for the paint will be added on a per-use basis. Dive into the world of acrylics and let your creativity flourish on canvas!

At Sharz Art Design, we've streamlined our payment process for your convenience. Invoices are issued at the beginning of each term, ensuring a smooth start to your artistic journey. All payment options are clearly outlined on your invoice for your reference, making the payment process straightforward and hassle-free. Your focus remains on creativity while we take care of the rest.


The new term is just around the corner, starting on 29th April, and we're excited to welcome new students to both of our studios. There's still time to join us, and the best part is, you can start anytime that suits you!

Curious about our classes? We invite you to experience a free trial class! It's the perfect opportunity to get a taste of our creative environment. During this session, we'll assess your current skills to ensure you begin at the level that will maximize your learning and enjoyment.

We believe in making art accessible to everyone. That's why our classes are priced reasonably, ensuring everyone has the chance to explore their artistic potential. Plus, with a variety of class times available, you're sure to find a slot that fits seamlessly into your schedule.

I love this art class it’s amazing and the teachers are fantastic

Lily Blundell