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Our Regular Weekly Classes

Welcome to Sharz Art Design, more than just an art studio, it’s a haven where creativity finds its unique expression. We’re here to revolutionize your art experience, offering bespoke classes that celebrate your individuality.

Our weekly drawing and painting classes stand apart, as they are designed with you in mind. We believe that art education should be as distinctive as the artist. Whether you’re an emerging Picasso, a hopeful Van Gogh, or simply someone looking to delve into their artistic side, our classes are tailored to accommodate your skill level, age, and interests. We maintain an intimate class size, with a maximum of 12 students per session, allowing us to personalize each lesson to bring out your best.

At Sharz Art Design, your artistic journey is yours to carve. Each student is provided with a personalized program, setting their own goals and focus. Our unique group setting fosters independent work, empowering you to explore your materials, gain confidence, and develop the skills to manifest your creative visions.

Join us at one of our studios, and redefine your art experience with our weekly drawing and painting classes.


Elevate Your Skill with our Drawing Classes

At Sharz Art Design, our drawing classes are a gateway to artistic exploration and self-expression. We understand that every artist is unique, and that’s why our drawing program is designed with one person in mind: you.

Our drawing classes are all about you. We believe in nurturing your artistic journey, whether you’re a beginner holding a pencil for the first time or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills. Each student is welcomed with open arms, and we craft an individualized program tailored to your specific goals and interests.

Our drawing classes serve as a strong foundation, teaching you the fundamental techniques of line, shape, shading, and perspective. As you progress, you’ll discover the world of charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, ink, and alcohol markers. These exciting mediums offer unique opportunities to expand your artistic horizons and bring your imagination to life.

Our drawing classes are more than just lessons; they’re an opportunity to explore, create, and express yourself. Whether you’re sketching a portrait, capturing the beauty of nature, or diving into abstract concepts, your drawings will reflect your unique perspective and style.


Unleash Your Inner Artist with our Painting Classes

Whether you’re a novice painter or an experienced artist, our painting classes welcome all skill levels. Each student is unique, and so is their artistic path. We start with the fundamentals, ensuring you have a strong foundation in painting techniques, colour theory, and composition.

At Sharz Art Design, we believe that painting is more than just a skill—it’s a journey of self-expression and creativity. Our painting classes are designed to nurture your artistic spirit, offering a personalized experience that evolves with your skills and aspirations.

As you progress in your painting journey, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various painting mediums. Transition seamlessly through various techniques, embracing the rich textures and techniques each medium offers.

Your journey is guided by your unique program and goals. Whether you aspire to create breathtaking landscapes, captivating portraits, or abstract masterpieces, we provide the support and direction you need. Your paintings become your voice, reflecting your perspective and style.

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Discover the Best of Both Worlds: Drawing and Painting Fusion Class

At Sharz Art Design, we believe in the magic of creativity, and our Drawing & Painting Fusion class is where two worlds collide to create something truly special.

In this unique class, you’ll have the opportunity to explore both drawing and painting in a single session. Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to expand your horizons or a beginner eager to dip your brush into the world of colors, this class is designed to cater to all skill levels and interests.

The session begins with the art of drawing, where you’ll hone your skills in line, shape, and form.  After mastering the drawing phase, it’s time to bring your creation to life with the vibrant world of painting. You have the choice of either watercolors, with their transparency and fluidity, or acrylics, known for their versatility and vivid colors. 

If you’re ready to experience the synergy of drawing and painting, our Drawing & Painting Fusion class is your ticket to artistic exploration and expression. Discover the joy of combining these two dynamic mediums to create art that’s as unique as you are.

Class Costs

Drawing Material Pricing

Watercolour Material Pricing

Acrylic Painting Material Pricing

Flexible Pricing for Creative Explorations

1 Hour: $25
1.5 Hours: $30
2 Hours: $35

2 or more hours please contact us to discuss options

We do run private classes – our hourly rate for upto 3 students for a private session is $100 plus materials.

We also cater to students who rely on NDIS funding.  Each session is formualted to suit the student and their specific needs.  Please contact us to discuss these options and received specific pricing.

Drawing Pack: Your Creative Toolkit

For every drawing enthusiast, our drawing pack is an essential companion, ensuring you have everything you need for your artistic journey. Priced at just $10, this pack includes an A4 visual diary (paper) and a set of 6 drawing pencils, along with an eraser and sharpener. Designed for longevity, this pack lasts for 2 or more terms. You have the option to leave your materials at the studio or take them home each week.  Set of pencils $4 and A4 visual diary $7. A5 visual diary $5, eraser $0.60.

We also have the following packs for those students who wish to specialise in a medium other than graphite pencil:

Charcoal pack – set of willow charcoal, kneadable eraser pack, 2 compressed charcoal sticks in black, 1 compressed charcoal stick in white, 6 black charcoal pencils and 1 white charcoal pencil – $25.00

Soft pastel pack – set of 12 soft pastels, set of 12 pastel pencils and kneadable eraser pack – $30.00

Oil pastel pack – set of 24 oil pastels and set of blenders  – $15

Please note, students are encouraged to bring their drawing materials weekly. If you prefer to use our materials, a nominal fee of $2.50 per week will apply, ensuring you always have the tools you need to unleash your creativity.

Watercolour Essentials: Unleash Your Creativity

In our painting classes, watercolours bring art to life, and we’ve curated the perfect pack to kick-start your artistic adventures. For classes focusing on watercolour painting or as a choice in mixed media classes, we offer a basic watercolour pack:

Personal Watercolour Kit: Invest in your creativity with a personal kit for $30, including a paint set, brushes, and a paper pack that lasts a term. Your kit ensures you have the essentials for a year, with additional paper packs available for $5 each term.

We recommend young artists aged 9 and under start with watercolours (unless they have previous experience with acrylics). Let your creativity flow with our thoughtfully curated watercolour packs, making every stroke a masterpiece.

Please note: we can offer a Watercolour Paper Pack and Studio Tools if you just wish to try the medium: For a fee of $2.50 per week for $25 term, enjoy access to our high-quality watercolour paper, brushes, and paint during your classes.

Acrylic Painting: Your Masterpiece Awaits

In our acrylic painting classes, your creativity knows no bounds. We provide a seamless experience, inclusive of all necessary materials. The cost is per canvas, encompassing the required paint, the use of our high-quality implements (brushes, sponges, etc.), and the canvas to take home your completed work of art.

Pricing is determined by canvas size:

20 x 20 cm or 20 x 25 cm: $15 per canvas
25 x 30 cm: $20 per canvas
30 x 40 cm: $25 per canvas
40 x 50 cm: $30 per canvas
60 x 30 cm: $30 per canvas

For larger canvases, please consult with us for specific pricing.

If you choose to bring your own canvas the pricing for using our paint and equipment is:

20 x 20 cm or 20 x 25 cm: $10 per canvas
25 x 30 cm: $14 per canvas
30 x 40 cm: $15 per canvas
40 x 50 cm: $18 per canvas
60 x 30 cm: $18 per canvas

We estimate most students complete around 3-4 canvases per term, although the actual number depends on canvas size, complexity, and individual pace. The canvas cost is added to your invoice each time a new project begins.  Dive into the world of acrylics and let your creativity flourish on canvas!


Preschool Playtime: Where Little Artists Blossom

At Sharz Art Design, we believe that creativity knows no age, and our Preschool Playtime class is all about nurturing the budding artists of tomorrow.

In our Preschool Playtime class, the spotlight is on your preschooler’s boundless imagination and creativity. This is a safe, fun, and encouraging space where your little one can embark on their artistic journey and build the confidence to shine.

Our classes are designed to make learning a joyous adventure. Through art, your preschooler will develop fine motor skills, boost their self-esteem, and learn essential problem-solving techniques. We encourage them to express themselves freely, fostering an environment where their creativity knows no bounds.

We believe that art is a powerful tool for building confidence. As your preschooler experiments with colors, shapes, and textures, they’ll not only create beautiful artwork but also gain the self-assurance to tackle new challenges in life.

If you’re eager to see your preschooler blossom into a confident and creative little artist, our Preschool Playtime class is the perfect place to start. Watch as they gain the skills to express themselves and the confidence to shine in a world full of possibilities.


Unleash Your Creative Potential with Personalized Year 12 Major Work Assistance

At Sharz Art Design, we understand the pivotal role your Year 12 major work plays in your artistic journey. It’s not just an assignment; it’s your opportunity to shine, to express your unique creativity in a profound way.

Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance, ensuring your major work aligns with your vision. We help you refine your concepts, hone your techniques, and elevate your project to its fullest potential.

We believe in nurturing individuality. Your major work is a reflection of your creativity, and we’re here to support your unique vision. Our guidance empowers you to explore, experiment, and express yourself authentically.

Contact us today to learn more about our Year 12 Assistance Program. Invest in your artistic potential, and let your major work become a testament to your creative brilliance. At Sharz Art Design, your artistic journey matters.

Prices start at $15 per session and is dependant on the guidance and  number of sessions required.

Year 6 portfolio creatiion

Elevate Your Creative Journey: Building Portfolios for High School

At Sharz Art Design, we recognize the significance of laying a strong foundation for your artistic endeavors, even in the earlier years. Building a portfolio for high school isn’t just a task; it’s a chance to showcase your talents, to let your creativity unfurl in ways that are uniquely you.

With personalized guidance, we help you craft a portfolio that resonates with your vision. We refine your concepts, enhance your techniques, and guide you in creating a portfolio that speaks volumes about your creative prowess.

Your portfolio is a canvas reflecting your creativity, and we’re here to nurture your distinctive style. Our expert support encourages you to delve into your passions, experiment fearlessly, and express your artistic voice authentically.

We believe in empowering young artists to explore the depths of their imagination. Our guidance provides a safe space to experiment with various mediums, techniques, and styles. Whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpture, or mixed media, we encourage you to embrace the full spectrum of artistic expression.  Your high school portfolio isn’t just a collection of artworks; it’s a testament to your potential.

Designed to give year 5 and 6 students a diverse range of eperience in various mediums to refine skills and talent in preparation for an artistic highschool journey.


The new term is just around the corner, starting on 22nd July, and we're excited to welcome new students to both of our studios. There's still time to join us, and the best part is, you can start anytime that suits you!

Curious about our classes? We invite you to experience a free trial class! It's the perfect opportunity to get a taste of our creative environment. During this session, we'll assess your current skills to ensure you begin at the level that will maximize your learning and enjoyment.

We believe in making art accessible to everyone. That's why our classes are priced reasonably, ensuring everyone has the chance to explore their artistic potential. Plus, with a variety of class times available, you're sure to find a slot that fits seamlessly into your schedule.

My 10 year old has enjoyed being part of Sharz Art School for over a year now and has learned the fundamentals of drawing and painting.