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School Holiday Activities

April School Holidays

Sharz Art Design is excited to announce two special 1-day super workshops scheduled for April! Join us to create some amazing creative fun!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity and make something truly unique. Sign up now and secure your spot!


Emu Plains

Monday 15th April –  10.00am til 3.00pm – 5 years to 12 years

Monday 15th April – 10.00am til 3.00pm – 13 years to 18 years

Constitution Hill

Tuesday 15th April –  10.00am til 3.00pm – 13 years to 18 years

Tuesday 16th April – 10.00am til 3.00pm – 5 years to 12 years

Get ready for a festive burst of creativity at Sharz Art Design’s special 1-day super workshops this April!

What you will create !

5 years to 12 years:

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve got lined up:

  • Acrylic Adventures on Canvas: Let your child bring their imagination to life with vibrant colours on canvas. They’ll learn the basics of acrylic painting and take home a masterpiece they’re proud of.

  • Chalkboard Noticeboard Creation: Perfect for the budding organizer or decorator, this workshop lets kids create their very own noticeboard. They’ll craft and personalize it with chalkboard paint and chalk, making a perfect addition to their room.

  • Watercolour Wonders – Animal Edition: Dive into the delicate world of watercolours as we explore the animal kingdom through art. Your child will learn various watercolour techniques to capture the essence of their favorite animals.

  • Clay Animal Sculptures: Squish, sculpt, and shape as we dive into the world of clay art. This class teaches the basics of clay modeling, allowing kids to bring their favorite animals to life in 3D.

  • Outer Space Dioramas: Blast off to the cosmos with this creative workshop where kids will construct their very own outer space dioramas. From planets to spacecraft, the universe is the limit!

  • Kandinsky Style Circle Painting: Inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky, this class introduces children to the fun of abstract art through shapes and colours, focusing on the beauty of circles in design.

  • Yarn Letters: A perfect blend of art and craft, this workshop allows kids to create decorative letters with yarn. It’s a fun way to personalize their space or create thoughtful gifts.

Our five hour workshop is designed not just to teach art techniques but also to foster imagination, creativity, and a love for the arts.

13 years to 18 years:

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Acrylic Painting on Canvas: Unleash your creativity on canvas with our acrylic painting workshop. Learn how to mix colours, apply techniques, and express your ideas visually. Whether abstract or realistic, your canvas will be a reflection of your unique perspective.

  • Soft Pastels Exploration: Discover the soft, vibrant world of pastel drawing. This workshop covers the basics of using soft pastels, blending techniques, and creating compositions with rich, velvety textures that bring your artwork to life.

  • Oil Pastels Techniques: Dive into the bold and colourful realm of oil pastels. Learn how to layer, blend, and create dynamic artworks with this versatile medium. Perfect for those looking to add intensity and depth to their artistic expressions.

  • Painting with Ink: Explore the fluid and unpredictable nature of ink painting. From traditional techniques to modern expressions, this workshop teaches you how to control and harness the beauty of ink on paper, creating stunning, ethereal pieces.

  • Woven Wall Hanging: Step into the world of textile art by creating your own woven wall hanging. This hands-on workshop will introduce you to the basics of weaving, texture, and pattern, allowing you to craft a beautiful piece of art that reflects your personal style.

These workshops are not just about learning new skills—they’re about finding new ways to express yourself, exploring your artistic potential, and connecting with like-minded peers in a supportive and inspiring environment.

All this for just $150 for 5 hours of creative fun!!!

Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out on the chance to create with us! Sign up now and let the holiday crafting magic begin.

We will be closed for the rest of the holiday break and be back on deck for Term 2 Monday 29th April.

We do a have a minimum number of 4 to run these holiday workshops.  We will confirm on Friday 15th April with a confirmation email and a what to bring on the day reminder. 


The new term is just around the corner, starting on 29th April, and we're excited to welcome new students to both of our studios. There's still time to join us, and the best part is, you can start anytime that suits you!

Curious about our classes? We invite you to experience a free trial class! It's the perfect opportunity to get a taste of our creative environment. During this session, we'll assess your current skills to ensure you begin at the level that will maximize your learning and enjoyment.

We believe in making art accessible to everyone. That's why our classes are priced reasonably, ensuring everyone has the chance to explore their artistic potential. Plus, with a variety of class times available, you're sure to find a slot that fits seamlessly into your schedule.

Amazing learning environment, love the clay art works and the teacher’s guidance.

Mary Maiava